About Rehearsal Companion

Hi! I'm Aurélien, french web developer, and amateur guitarist.

Rehearsal companion is a personal project born from the idea to enhance and simplify my band rehearsals. Enough of theses huge binders with tons of lyrics and scores!

It was for me the opportunity to play with new technologies and in the same time build an application useful for me and my bandmates.

For the little curious, here is what I used:

  • Alpha Tab: a powerful score viewer and player (without it, this app would have never been possible).
  • Plex app: general design inspiration.
  • Firebase: web hosting and database.
  • Svelte: javascript framework.
  • Routify: router for svelte app.
  • Bulma: CSS framework.
  • Font Awesome: Icon library.
  • Spotify API: data source for tracks information and audio player.

And here are posts or open source project that helped me:

And so many more I forgot...

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